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All the optimisations carried out on the JPK 1010 have made it possible to progress each year to achieve the perfect season in 2013: SNIM, spi Ouest France, Giraglia, Tour of the Isle of Wight, Cowes Week, Atlantic Trophy double, RORC Championship, Atlantic Duo and in climax a historic double in the Fastnet won by the tandem Alexis and Pascal Loison.

The JPK 10.80 takes full advantage of all the developments made on the 1010. Jacques Valer, our architect, called the "magician", did not forget any detail of the project to realize a perfectly balanced and optimized "machine" able to win in IRC 2 in all the race formats and whatever the crew configuration.

Loyal to the "spirit of the IRC rule" the boat nevertheless retains a degree of finish and interior equipment consistent with a boat of this size. Unbeatable in racing, bright and stylish on deck and inside, the 10.80 represents the best of our know-how, from a team of technicians and passionate sailors.

Naval architect J. Valer

  • LOA 10,80 m
  • LWL 9,40 m
  • BOA 3,65 m
  • Displacement 4,8 t
  • Volvo engine 30 cv
  • Keel 1,9 t
  • Draft 2,20 m
  • Main 40 m²
  • Genoa 33 m²
  • Asy spinnaker 120 m²
  • Symetric spinnaker 105 m²

Racing machine

A few months after its launch, the boat has already shown great potential. True to his "magic" style of drawing, Jacques Valer has once again succeeded in the challenge of an extremely competitive hull with a smooth and forgiving behavior and impressive stability.

Results inshore or offshore are the best proof of this.

The 10.80 benefits from the optimisation work carried out on the 1010 with a design that is accurate in terms of performance but tolerant and reliable in terms of sea keeping. It is a "light" and lively IRC that performs well for its size.

The hull is especially optimised to combine high power for performance in breezes and low drag for speed in light airs and open wind performance.

The deck layout has been designed for efficiency and comfort, with a very well designed steering position (coamings angled forward).

All the fittings are designed for maximum efficiency and versatility between full crew and single/double crew operation.

Tired of getting sprayed and stupidly chilled on watch, we designed a sliding bubble to protect the companionway.

Sitting on the companionway, it offers a perfect watch from the wind and spray with a translucent panel to check the sails and the course.
In strong winds, upwind, it perfectly protects the descent from the spray and secures the instruments on the chart table.

When the conditions are right again, you slide it forward and the companionway is back to normal. On crewed inshore races, it can be dismantled in 2 minutes and the genoa inhaulers can be swapped in the middle.

Similarly, the floors are covered with a translucent anti-slip material and the handrails are placed at the "natural" gripping points.

Inside, everything has been thought out for the quality of life while sailing.

The open roof allows you to rest on the port and starboard side with a panoramic view of the outside. Combined with the frame bunks for stacking or sleeping for the crew during the race and a "wet" area for storing sails and gear, the concept responds to the pleasure of cruising by its simplicity, its modernity and its clarity.

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