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jpk 1030 maquette

JPK 1030

The JPK 1030 is the latest in a line of champions, with an early planing, powerful reaching and ease at all speeds.

maquette projet jpk 1085

JPK 1085

In progress ...

jpk 1180 maquette

JPK 1180

Powerful, light and very well balanced, the JPK 1180 has a pure racing DNA with fantastic versatility, inshore & offshore.

jpk 39 FC maquette


The JPK 39 FC is an ultra fast and versatile boat, with bright spaces and many comfort features.

jpk 45 FC maquette


A well-balanced hull, a "strong box" construction, reliable peripheral equipment: this is the successful recipe of the JPK 45 FC.

maquette d'un jpk nomad 40

Nomad 40

Attractive appearance, performance hull, optimised habitability and great autonomy: JPK's first motorboat will hit the water in 2023.

Older yachts

jpk 960

JPK 960

Comfort at sea, reliability, exceptional performance, ease of handling: the JPK 960 has won everything single-handed and crewed, offshore or inshore racing!

jpk 1010

JPK 1010

The JPK 1010 today has the most impressive prize list of the shipyard, with in particular the masterly victories on the Transquadra 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015, and the Fasnet 2013 all classes !

jpk 1080 maquette

JPK 1080

The JPK 1080 is a perfectly balanced machine capable of winning in IRC 2 in all race formats, whatever the crew configuration.

jpk 38 fc


The first of the Fast Cruising range, the JPK 38 FC was released in April 2012.

It represents the right balance between performance and comfort.

... and thwarted destinies

by Jean-Pierre Kelbert

Big brother of the JPK 960, the JPK 110 was somewhat of a victim of its early performance.

Jacques Valer, however, had taken care of his copy: the boat, very well fitted out for cruising, had proved ultra-dominant during the 2005 winter training sessions.

The rest is not so funny because the IRC office, probably worried about this domination, imposed a penalty equivalent to 15 thousandths (1 minute per hour of sailing) which transformed this versatile winner into a boat that was too breezy, after a reduction in sail size to remain in its IRC 2 class.

This boat will mark a turning point for our shipyard: that of splitting our range of boats into two. A range of IRC racers, racing oriented, and a range of Fast Cruisers designed differently by Jacques and without any concession to the rules.

jpk 998

JPK 998

Initially conceived for the Tour de France à la Voile to replace the excellent Mumm 30, the choice "on paper" of the organisers for the M34 will have been a real deception for the yard.

Supported by the Brittany region, we invested in complete tooling and three prototypes to create the ideal support. Ultra lively, fast and versatile, the JPK 998 was quickly adopted by almost all the riders.

Politics, unfortunately, took precedence over all other considerations. The tragic history of the M34 will prove the stupidity of this choice.

The excellent hull of the 998 was then proposed in a lake version (light keel and maximum sail area) and in a dayboat version (heavier keel, teak deck and succinct layout). Finally, the victory in our class at the Bol d'Or 2016 on Lake Geneva against the Psaros 33 and other "machines" with canting keels will remain a great moment for me and a great reward for this magnificent boat.

JPK 40

A racing boat has to win immediately!

With an efficient hull but without a top class racer to exploit it, the JPK 40 will still finish 5th in the 2011 Jacques Vabre after leading for a long time.

The hull, later validated by Halvard Mabire with a 24 hour record, will unfortunately have been overtaken before it could impose itself.